How to choose a cognitive subculture: A guide for non-cranks

Photo by Naomi Mckinney on Unsplash

The danger of non-conformity

Being a supporter of liberty today often puts you outside the mainstream. I’m not even talking about people who are explicit radicals. But, like, if you think it’s really bad that housing is expensive and you think maybe it would be a good idea to stop homeowners from nixing new development, you’re bowing out of the mainstream.

The danger of agreement

I’m an Objectivist, and thinking that Ayn Rand was right about philosophy puts you well outside the philosophical and cultural mainstream. And as a result, you get this really tight-knit subculture among people who are influenced by her.

A community of thinkers

Recently I tweeted about how excited I was about the James Webb Telescope going live, and someone replied that I should check out the work of Nassim Haramein. Haramein apparently advertises himself as having a “unified field theory.” But ten minutes of googling indicated that no one in physics takes him seriously and he has no peer reviewed publications.



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