Ilene, thank you for clarifying. I don't have anything to say about the substance at this point except to say:

1. I did not say I was at the discussion of the situation. I said I was at ARI during this time and know NOTHING about the situation and thus am in no position to judge many of Carl's claims. Yet total outsiders are being asked to judge.

2. I said I was at the OAC discussion of Craig's McCaskey paper, and my point was not to say that Onkar's analysis was right (or wrong), but to say that Carl Barney was factually incorrect in arguing that Onkar dismissed it while refusing to give reasons.

3. I was not comparing James Taggart to anyone. I was addressing the PRINCIPLE you seemed to be stating, that anyone who rejects "just being friends" is childish. To even start a discussion of the specifics of this or any other debate requires agreeing that justice is an important virtue, that there are valid reasons for adults to part ways, etc.

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